Kids, ET's, Conspiracy, Conformity, Humility, Health.. random chatter

IN Non-Mainstream

Expressing random thoughts about everything – Ninja, Nephews, Pokemon, Dreams, Weather machine, Earthquakes, Fukashima, Blonde telepathic beings, Dove/Pigeon prompted alien dream, blood clots, new car, humility, health, boost cellular regeneration, incompletions – live true to my word, seeding mainstream to question their conformity with casual conversations about aliens, natural healing, laws, drugs, spiritual, dmt, mobile phone tracing, privacy, social media, living out of fear, cosmic disclosure, hoaxes, conformity, education system, fear of questioning mainstream, fear of questioning authority, think for yourself, corruption, slavery, marijuana, being more open-minded, things you’re not supposed to talk about.

Penny (
Penny (

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