Ramble on Hwy.. need to be my best self so that I can be there for others

IN Van Dwelling


Drive to Ballarat to look for work opportunities. Ramble about Cancer, Placebo, Syncronicities, Mumble about medical industry, Chemo, driving to ballarat to see if there’s any room for me there – look at ideas for work. No jobs resonate with me anymore. Hoping that driving around Ballarat will ignite ideas for what I’m supposed to do. Trusting your own intuition. Procrastinating with my online biz. I Ching. Trusting the universe, not pushing the universe. Doing what you know is right despite the world telling us it’s impossible. Questioning your own beliefs. We’re still in the matrix. Keep our shit together, dealing with our own stuff. Discerning conspiracy theories. Don’t like to see people suffer. We need solutions. Continually working on myself so that I can be a source of reliance to others. They should be able to rely on me not to lose my shit. I need to be my best self so that I can be there for others. Family = our greatest nemesis and our greatest teachers. We want to end the suffering from that generation; our line. Soul Family.

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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