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Erik on the Third Eye and Pineal Gland

Third Eye / Pineal Gland / Eye of Horus
Water Supply > Fluoride
Pineal gland = magnet for fluoride, calcifies
Mercury is in vaccinations & tooth fillings, and hard to remove from body – blocks pineal gland
Pollution and a lot of other factors
Most important fluoride & mercury

Good diet is very important.
– pure cacao, lime, spirulina, coconut oil, coriander, & more
Try and get fluoride out of the water.

It makes serotonin, which makes you feel good / mood stabilizer.
It makes melatonin, and it makes DMT = gateway.

Meditation can open it.If you visualize there is an eye or spot in the 3rd eye area.
Visualize there the eye is opening or that there is a bright-light coming out. And you will feel it tingle or pressure.

OM Sound is very good.
385hz Binaural Beats with earphones.

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